Refinery & Petrochemical

In the highly competitive Refinery and Petrochemical industry, efficient maintenance, process operations, and reliability techniques have a direct effect on the bottom line. JonellTM helps clients improve their bottom line by optimizing filtration operations, thereby minimizing downtime and increasing operating efficiencies.

Jonell has worked diligently to advance the economics of Petroleum Filtration, delivery a variety of filtration/separation solutions to meet your specific needs. Utilizing this experience, Jonell has developed thousands of different filter elements covering a wide variety of applications.

Typical Refinery/Petrochemical Filtration Applications include

Typical Gas Processing & Transmission
Filtration Applications

Jonell Product Solutions

Amine Sweetening & Tail Gas Treating Units
Liquid hydrocarbons and particulates from the amine system can cause contactor fouling and foaming.

Gas Amine Sweetening Process
Micro-DEPTM and Micro-LOKTM Series vapor phase reverse flow coalescing elements to remove liquid hydrocarbons from feed gas, thus minimizing foaming.
PhasePURTM Series two phase liquid coalescing elements for liquid separation after flash tank.
LiquiPleatTM Series pleated liquid elements to remove fine particulates from recirculating amine.
CarboPURTM Series activated carbon elements for removal of hydrocarbons from recirculating amine stream.
Refinery Fuel Gas
Liquids and solids will foul and plug burners and combustors. Low NOx burners are very sensitive to plugging.
Micro-DEPTM and Micro-LOKTM Series vapor phase coalescing elements to remove liquids and particulates from fuel gas and to ensure minimal pollutant formation without sacrificing operational efficiency.
Final Products Filtration
Contaminants such as rust, scales, solids, and suspended water can damage equipment and lower product specifications.

Final Products
LiquiPleatTM Series pleated synthetic liquid elements to remove particulates.
Phase-LOKTM & PhasePURTM Series coalescing elements to remove entrained water.
Glycol Contactor Protection
Prevent hydrocarbons or amine aerosols and solids from contaminating the glycol; which could result in foaming, solvent losses, and off-specification gas.
Micro-DEPTM and Micro-LOKTM Series vapor phase coalescing elements to remove finely dispersed liquid droplets and solids from the gas before it enters the glycol system.
Amine & Sulfur Recovery
Carryover amine can contaminate catalyst at the sulfur recovery unit, while carryover hydrocarbons and treating chemicals will cause foaming in amine contactors.
Micro-DEPTM and Micro-LOKTM Series vapor phase coalescing elements to remove carryover amine and hydrocarbons.
CarboPURTM Series activated carbon adsorption filter elements to reduce foaming.
Molecular Sieve Drier Protection
Increased cycle time between regeneration of the molecular sieve drier and extend the bed life.
Micro-DEPTM and Micro-LOKTM Series vapor phase coalescing elements to remove finely dispersed liquid droplets before they foul the molecular sieve fines.
Additional Refinery & Petrochemical Filtration Applications include:
  • Boiler Feed Water
  • Catalyst Protection
  • Caustics / Amine Treatment
  • Compressor Protection
  • Condesate Dewatering
  • Desalter De-bottlenecking
  • Feedstock Filtration
  • Hydraulic & Lubricating Fluids
  • Mercury Guard Bed Protection
  • Oil Water Treatment
  • Polymer Process Water Filtration
  • Production Transfer Protection
  • Quench Water Filtration
  • Slop Oil Treatment
  • Sour Water Stripper/Reprocessing
  • Syngas Clean Up
  • Turbo Machinery Protection
  • Water/Wastewater Treatment

BENEFITS of an Optimized Filtration/Separation System include:

  • Increased Process Performance
  • Decreased Downtime
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Improved Operating Performance

For further information on Jonell's Gas Processing & LNG Filtration Applications, please click on the below brochure link or contact an approved Jonell representative or contact Jonell direct.
Jonell's Refinery and Petrochemical Filtration Applications brochure