Power Generation

Jonell has a long history of working in the Power Industry. Whether it's directly working with power production companies or co-generation facilities, we provide decades of experience and a variety of filtration technologies designed specifically for energy producing applications. 

Typical Power Generation Applications include:
Hydraulic & Lubricating Fluids: Removal of corrosion contaminants for the protection of rotating equipment and other critical components.
Clean Fuel Gas: Filtration of oil, water, and solids protecting gas engines and turbines.
Water Treatment Systems: Removal of resin fines to prevent fouling of the deaerator internals and filtration of water borne contaminants.
Turbine & Generator Protection: Contaminant removal from intake and air systems, as well as, gas streams.

For further information on Jonell's Refinery & Petrochemical Filtration Applications, please click on the below brochure link or contact an approved Jonell representative or contact Jonell direct.